Test automation

Automation is a must for testing today’s complex software solutions while meeting accelerating market demands. We have been advancing the science of test automation for 25 years, and we apply our expertise to help you reach your software quality and performance goals faster.

We use automation extensively because it improves quality, increases efficiency, and reduces time-to-market. It’s critical to choose the right test automation tools and strategies for your project—which is where our deep experience makes all the difference.

Examples of tools we support:

  • TestComplete
  • SmartBit
  • JUnit
  • NUnit
  • CUnit
  • Selenium
  • valgrind
  • IBM Rational (Test RealTime, purecov, purify)
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • HP WinRunner
  • HP Quality Center
  • TT workbench
  • BSQUARE TestQuest CountDown
  • DeviceAnywhere
  • TestPlant eggPlant
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • RoutineBot
  • TestExecute
  • IBM Rational TTCN Suite
  • Enterprise tester
  • TechExcel DevTest

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