MERA software outsourcing supports the entire development lifecycle, from design to development, testing to validation, maintenance to customer support. Our engineers take an active, creative role in every project, helping to align technology with business goals—and building long-term partnerships that deliver increasing value over time.

  • Architecture design: For new products and services, we align software architecture with proven best practices while taking advantage of the latest technology advancements. MERA’s software architects are versed in multiple disciplines, enabling them to deliver flexible solutions that adapt to a rapidly changing world.
  • Software development: Thanks to our highly educated and experienced engineering workforce, MERA provides design and development services that exceed client expectations for functionality and value.
  • Testing and quality assurance: Our extensive testing capabilities and rigorous quality assurance processes reduce risk and deliver results at every step. We use test automation wherever possible to increase rigor while reducing cost.
  • Support: Our services don’t end when the product ships. We provide customized support and training to maximize the value of your investment.
  • Porting services: Whether you want to move an old application to a modern platform or build a multi-platform solution to expand market share, we port software across platforms with seamless results.
  • UX and UI design: The user experience isn’t just about looking pretty—it’s essential to realizing the value of software today. MERA UX&I studio is our dedicated, in-house design team, bringing you fresh, intuitive digital experiences that get users engaged and make your offerings more competitive.
  • Managed Services: While many other MSPs might promise you to manage everything, we focus mostly on SaaS. However, we can guarantee you the expert-level services, operating efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Software Product Assessment: MERA applies an extensive knowledge of software development processes, a vast majority of programming languages and cutting-edge technologies to help you determine to a high degree of probability that the product represents the best solution for your system.

MERA supports entire system development lifecycle

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