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MERA Makes it to Global Services 100 List

MERA has made it to Global Services 100 list for the 6th time. The 2013 Global Services 100 list is an annual research study conducted by neoIT and Global Services that identifies top 100 global IT and BPO service providers across the globe who have the maturity and capability to lead the next wave of services globalization.

Vladimir Beloborodov Presented at WebRTC Conference & Expo III

November, 20, 2013 — Vladimir Beloborodov, Unified Communications CTO, MERA, presented at WebRTC Conference & Expo III, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on November 19-21, 2013. The event hosted by TMC, PKE Consulting and Systemwide Media was catered to enterprises, service providers, Web providers, investors and developers and allowed participants to explore how WebRTC (Web-based real-time communications) is poised to revolutionize the way we communicate by enabling true browser-to-browser communications.

MERA supported a team from Nizhny Novgorod at The World Robot Olympiad in Djakarta

On November, 15-17, students of a Nizhny Novgorod school for the first time took part in The World Robot Olympiad. At the competition, Lyceum #165 team demonstrated a robot-guide - a prototype of LEGO Mindstorms NXT-powered machine which allows to conduct guided tours of Saint Petersburg historic center. The team consisted of a 10-grade student Maxim Sokolov and his computer science teacher, MERA software designer Alexander Voron.

WebRTC Expo 2013 in Atlanta: MERA is ready to start!

On June 25-27, 2013 MERA joined WebRTC Expo 2013 in Atlanta. Our Unified Communications CTO was among the speakers invited to talk on the practical reasons and benefits of outsourcing WebRTC development.

MERA Announces Version 2.0 of ClusterGen – a Traffic Generation Solution

ClusterGen is a traffic generator which uses pktgen Linux kernel module with a set of hosts that generate traffic simultaneously. Traffic generators are used to test and, thus, improve efficiency of existing software and hardware network solutions by generating traffic with specified parameters.

MERA - Big on Big Data

By leveraging the scalability and unique database characteristics of Apache Cassandra, MERA has successfully produced a ‘big data’ system: a high capacity aggregator of records from social media & other sources on the internet.

SynapSense® Selects MERA as Supplier of the Year

January 30, 2013 – SynapSense® Corporation, a leading provider of energy efficient data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, selected MERA, a US subsidiary of MERA, as 2012 supplier of the year. MERA was selected based upon their extraordinary focus on quality and unique capability to anticipate changing requirements in software development.

MERA has Revamped Android with Improved Real-Time Kernel Characteristics.

Today Android dominates the global smartphone industry with nearly a 75 % market share. The only soft spot of Android are real-time characteristics, which is typical of an operating system with a standard Linux kernel. A real-time OS must consistently process external data while at the same time efficiently performing background tasks.

MERA Reported on the Company`s Results in the new Web R&D at WebRTC Expo 2012

On November, 27-29 the international WebRTC Expo 2012 took place in San Francisco. WebRTC Conference and Expo help companies, web application providers, investors and developers to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens and how it will challenge and change much of today's communications landscape.

MERA Supports CommProve in Developing an Innovative Network Surveillance Platform

May, 25, 2011 – MERA, an Eastern Europe's leader in software R&D services for Telecom and Media, and CommProve, a leading provider of network monitoring and business solutions for mobile networks, today announced that MERA will collaborate with CommProve on high performance and innovative real-time network surveillance solutions for the wireless market.

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