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On June 25-27, 2013 MERA joined WebRTC Expo 2013 in Atlanta. Our Unified Communications CTO was among the speakers invited to talk on the practical reasons and benefits of outsourcing WebRTC development.

The first Expo which was held in November 2012 and hosted 300 attendees clearly indicated great interest and attention to the technology. This year the event in Atlanta gathered over 400 participants and the number of sessions and demos was also notably higher showing quite a few of early commercial projects using WebRTC capabilities.

On June 26, Vladimir Beloborodov, MERA Unified Communications CTO, spoke at the panel session on outsourcing WebRTC projects. The presentation attracted over 80 participants from companies around the world interested to know why outsourcing WebRTC projects for enterprise and carrier-grade solutions to real professionals in Unified Communications and Telecom makes good sense.

One of the key topics of the event this year was data channel in WebRTC. As the related specs are now much more defined and mature and the API is getting available for production with the recent public releases of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, it opens the door to a whole new range of exciting projects. Projects that not only expand and complement the existing audio and video communications with WebRTC, but trigger the development of even more specific and interesting applications - from gaming to M2M. Earlier this year MERA engineers have successfully done a pilot project leveraging the capabilities of data channel for MSRP-based transfer of text messages and files. With this practical knowledge and results we at MERA feel prepared to commercial outsourced development around WebRTC!

There are certainly many more topics around this young, but quickly evolving technology where MERA is already in a good position to share some of our WebRTC-related experience and reveal specific and tricky aspects and some use-cases.

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