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November, 20, 2013 — Vladimir Beloborodov, Unified Communications CTO, MERA, presented at WebRTC Conference & Expo III, held November 19-21, 2013, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif. The event – hosted by TMC, PKE Consulting and Systemwide Media – was catered to enterprises, service providers, Web providers, investors and developers and allowed participants to explore how WebRTC (Web-based real-time communications) is poised to revolutionize the way we communicate by enabling true browser-to-browser communications.

At the event, Vladimir Beloborodov delivered on various aspects of WebRTC accessibility. In particular, the speaker highlighted some specific parts in WebRTC-based web-apps that require attention when considering accessibility. Vladimir also spoke on capabilities brought by WebRTC that can be instrumental for disabled people. In addition, he touched on some limitations and difficulties that need to be resolved as HTML5, WebRTC, and the tools and technologies for accessibility continue to evolve. The presentation combined a high-level view for businesses, marketing and technical management with some specific practical recommendations.

Over the recent years, MERA has been actively taking steps to support WebRTC development. Having completed several pilot projects the company received first commercial development requests and now MERA is a strong supporter behind the technology eager to help other companies leverage its capabilities. Vladimir’s presentation at WebRTC Expo III was a reflection of the technical vision of WebRTC and previous experiences accumulated by MERA in the area of accessibility for UC and Telecom apps.

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