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Back Unified Communications CTO from MERA will share his WebRTC expertise at DevCon5

July, 21, 2015 - Vladimir Beloborodov, Unified Communications CTO at MERA, will take part in the DevCon5 held at the Kimmel Center of New York University on July, 20-22 to deliver the “Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities with WebRTC on Mobile Devices” session.

Vladimir will give the audience examples of new WebRTC applications on mobile devices going beyond plain conferencing services and clients. He will overview the advantages and disadvantages of using web, native and hybrid approaches to WebRTC mobile applications. Vladimir will also provide recommendations on overcoming typical pitfalls and shortcomings when creating such apps. The session will include a review of new trends in mobile app development that may improve developer and end-user experience and productivity.

MERA is a trusted supplier of tailor-made UC and telecom solutions for enterprises and carriers. The company plays an active role in WebRTC community with award-winning public demos and numerous presentations about the technology delivered by Vladimir Beloborodov and his colleagues. MERA aims to help vendors and customers from different industry segments to leverage potential of WebRTC, properly apply and integrate the technology in real projects maximizing benefits and ROI.

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