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It is time to summarize the efforts MERA made in 2016 to increase awareness of modern technologies as well as share practical knowledge in IT industry.

Throughout the year, MERA has actively supported the events organized by the Russian Google Developers Group (GDG) acting as a partner, sponsor, and, of course, a speaker. GDG is a non-for-profit IT community that unites people who are interested in Google's developer technologies such as Android, Maps, App Engine, Chrome, Web Toolkit, Google Plus, etc. GDG events are held in major cities of Russia and can take many forms -- from just a few people getting together to watch the latest video of a large-scale international Google event to large gatherings with demos and tech talks or events like code sprints and hackathons. GDG Nizhny Novgorod is considered to be one of the most dynamic communities in Russia.

In 2016, the following GDG events took place with the help of MERA:

•    GDG GOOGLE I/O Extended,

•    GDG GOOGLE I/O Afterhours,

•    GDG NN IoT Workshop,

•    GDG DevFest Kazan 2016, and

•    GDG DevFest NN 2016.

The latter event where MERA participated as a title sponsor was recently held in Nizhny Novgorod and quickly became one of the largest IT events in the city.  MERA employees did not stand on the sidelines either. For instance, only in the outgoing 2016 Alexander Korshak, Android team leader at MERA and concurrently the leader of the GDG Nizhniy Novgorod, delivered more than 20 reports and workshops at more than 15 events.

Moreover, in 2016 MERA introduced its own meetups for iOS and Android developers. Due to the sound experience of MERA employees in these domains, 3 meetups were held in Nizhny Novgorod from October to December to discuss the following topics:

•    Correct Android reactive development;

•    Swift language novelties;

•    Multithreading and basic approaches to its structuring in iOS applications;

•    The ways to avoid bad practices in iOS mobile application development, etc.

The meetups were put in place in order to contribute to the expertise of local IT communities and help developers share best practices. MERA always strives to ensure high quality of its developments, that is why the company's experts are able to address the most relevant issues and common errors at the meetups. Vivid discussions, which are an integral part of each meetup, allow participants to familiarize themselves with proven development techniques and later use them to their advantage.

MERA is planning to continue with the meetups on mobile development in upcoming 2017. Follow the company's latest news at MERA official website to be the first to know.

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