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MERA, a leader in the area of software development, providing high quality IT R&D outsourcing services along with sustenance and testing, has announced today reaching its goals for the year 2003, representing a track of successes with new milestones reached on the way to exceeding its company's clients expectations.

In 2003 MERA continued providing unique and high level expertise in such areas of telecom ascellular networksVoIP and unified messaging systems that are conventionally considered key strengths of the company. Simultaneously a host of new projects were launched in relatively new technical areas; MERA has started unfolding its potential in 3G and embedded software domains. In the coming year it is planned to extend its expertise to WiFi systems.

Apart from enhancing the scope of its expertise with ongoing projects and branching into new directions, MERA keeps a strong focus on growing its customer base and developing core competencies to include new tasks and solutions. The past year was marked by a contract with Siemens, which gave a good start to the fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration of the two companies. Concurrently MERA continues maintaining steady relations with the existing partners."We celebrated 10 years of successful cooperation with Nortel Networks this year." says Marc Granic, President of MERA, "We are focused on long-term relations, and the fact that our partners keep choosing us as their software development providers is a matter of special pride for the company. It is also a revelation of trust laid upon us by such giants as Nortel. Moreover the scope of our cooperation and the number of projects transferred to the company is increasing each year, and it is a great and promising sign."

On February 4-5, 2004, MERA successfully passed the regular external audit that confirmed compliance of the corporate Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2000 requirements. The auditors did not find the slightest deviation, which has already become customary for MERA. The auditors paid special attention to the expertness of the company staff.

Over the past year MERA has doubled its headcount as compared to 2002, a solid proof of the company's dynamic growth. Yet special emphasis is being paid to the qualitative enhancement of the workforce, rather than to the quantitative expansion. The enterprise provides both offshore and regular on-site training for all employees in order to secure their professional growth. Moreover, MERA conducts regular language assessment of its personnel, which allows maintaining of high proficiency in English for every employee.

"It is exponential growth we are looking for," says Marc Granic"each year the global technological progress is accelerating and we do our best to keep up with the pace. More than that even, success means always being one step ahead, and that is exactly what we try to do at MERA. That is how we strive to serve our customers, trying to foresee what would be their most daring wish and fulfilling it. We have already gained a steady reputation in the software development market, yet we feel there is a need to move on further and make our services ever more versatile, more efficient and more beneficial for our clients."

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