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July, 22, 2014, Belgrade – MERA, а leading provider of outsourced software development services for the ICT industry, announced to have opened its first office in the capital of Serbia. The company is starting expansion in Eastern Europe with an R&D center in New Belgrade (Novi Beograd) - a part of Belgrade in between rivers Danube and Sava with high concentration of business organizations.

The company chose the Eastern European country because of proximity to continental Europe with the same time-zone, as well as high quality of IT education and qualified engineers working in the industry. All MERA business units are going to be represented in Serbia covering various technological domains and spheres of outsourced software development: mobile networks, unified communications, mobile and enterprise platforms and solutions, IP networks, M2M, cloud computing, etc . The company is planning to hire around 100 engineers during the 1st year and continue growing its presence further over the next years.

“MERA is a big corporation with a proven track record in ICT R&D business with an excellent approach to human resources and business practices, - says Milos Vlahovic, head of MERA branch in Serbia. – The company possesses an excellent combination of technical expertise and experience. You can get everything in one place and from one hand cooperating with the company willing to engage and react to emerging spheres and challenges of ICT world. MERA is a company with a strategic vision expanding their business to other territories and transferring know-how to other subsidiaries”.

To learn about job opportunities in Belgrade, please visit our vacancies page.

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