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Back MERA.DVR Video Recorder is Released on App Store.

February, 17 – MERA, a leading provider of outsourced software development services for the ICT industry, announced to have released MERA.DVR app on App Store.

MERA.DVR is a free in-car camera system which now can be downloaded to iPhone or iPad. Previously it was released on Google Play and can also be downloaded to Android devices. The app records what a driver sees through the windshield cyclically or saves it permanently. To start or stop recording just tap the screen.

Key features:

  • Free, no ads;
  • Simple and user-friendly UI;
  • Portrait and landscape orientation;
  • Time/date/GPS watermark stamps;
  •  Overwrite trips cyclically;
  • Save important tracks ;
  • Adjustable video quality and resolution;
  • Map with GPS tracks;
  • Automatic stop detection.

Visit App Store to download the app -

For Android devices use Google Play link -

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