MERA Tapped for Connected Car Software Development Project by Caruma Technologies

December 21, 2015 – Santa Clara, California – MERA, a global leader in value-added software R&D services, has been selected by San Francisco-based Caruma Technologies, Inc. to develop software for the Caruma® Cam, the world’s first connected car camera. 


With a goal to deliver the future of driving to more than 1.2 billion vehicles on the road today, Caruma Cam is a dual, low-light sensitive security camera - one facing in and one facing out; a driver safety device; and a 4G LTE hotspot. On January, 6-9, Caruma will provide a sneak preview of the Caruma Cam during the International CES 2016 at MERA’s booth #74754. 


“There are several software development projects relating to the Caruma Cam that are underway,” said Chris Carson, CEO and founder of Caruma Technologies. “MERA is playing an important role in making sure that we’re meeting key milestones so we can ship the first units late spring. Their experience in the automotive sector is proving invaluable in helping us create applications that create a safer and smarter driving experience.” 


About Caruma Technologies, Inc.


Caruma Technologies, Inc. is an American startup headquartered in San Francisco, California that is building a visual data platform with the Caruma Cam, the world’s first connected car camera. More information about Caruma Technologies, Inc. and its products and services is available

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