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Back MERA successfully carried out a new project with ICBcom

The customer’s key requirement was to develop a user-friendly web portal for users of smart meters produced by ICBcom. MERA impressive portfolio of web and M2M solutions became crucial in the process of selecting an outsourced supplier. The fact that MERA engineers are always ready to fulfil all customer’s requirements in a most efficient way has also played a critical role.

MERA chose the Scrum methodology as the most efficient development model satisfying the customer’s requirements. However, its application involved certain difficulties as the contract had a fixed cost and timeframe. Nevertheless, the team managed to operate in a comfortable environment both for themselves and for the customer due to well organized management activities.

At the final stage of the project the customer participated in The Sviaz Expocomm exhibition where the developed solution attracted potential users’ attention. Moreover, the solution was shown at an exhibition in China. MERA prepared an English version of the product specially for the event. The second exhibition was also a success. A great appearance of the product still in the implementation phase speaks for high quality of the development process and good understanding of agile development principles by the members of the team. 

Due to iterative development method and well-organized requirements management, the project was delivered on schedule and with mostly positive feedback from the customer. Upon the project completion, MERA has received high praise for hard work from the customer’s manager. Some of the customer’s comments are given below:

  • Communication – “All the documentation and correspondence, all notes are clear, well-timed and simple.
  • Management – “All questions were settled almost in no time. Good job!
  • Quality – “All critical issues have been resolved within the stipulated timeframe. All requirements, even those that were not on the original list, were fulfilled.

About ICBcom:

ICBcom is one of the leading operators of M2M solutions. The company specializes in manufacturing and implementation of management and monitoring systems and also produces industrial and household smart metering devices. For 10 years ICBcom has been in business, its equipment has been installed to more than 40.000 locations and the customer list has obtained such dominant names as Rostelecom, Vympelcom, Megafon and MTS.

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