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Nakina Systems increases dedicated technical resources to support rapidly expanding global business

February 25, 2010  - MERA, a top Eastern Europe’s Telecom Software Services Company, and Nakina Systems, the leading provider of carrier-grade off-the-shelf management solutions for service providers and network equipment vendors, today announced they have signed a long term agreement.

"We are extremely excited to start collaboration with Nakina Systems. The telecom world undergoes very deep structural changes - the high-throughput access networks (LTE, Ethernet, Optical, WiMAX, etc) and services-oriented core network architectures (IMS) are taking over. I believe that Nakina Systems - a global leader in the network management domain – will continue playing a key role in the realm of network management and MERA will gladly support Nakina’s continued growth," said Alex Myakov, VP, Business Development, MERA.

"MERA's depth of technical resources with expertise in network management software and telecom/datacom space is unmatched," said Jay Borden, CEO of Nakina Systems. "We are pleased to be working with one of the leaders in global software services. This will allow us to dramatically increase our dedicated technical and support resources overnight."

About Nakina Systems Inc
Nakina provides key innovative network integrity management solutions for service providers deploying new broadband infrastructure including LTE, IMS, and Ethernet networks. Nakina’s network operations platform supports Nakina and partner applications including  network software configuration audit, network element backup and restore, automated provisioning, single sign on security management and fault management. This domain control and intelligence suite supports large scale network deployments and ensures seamless service delivery.  Nakina and Nakina Network OS are trademarks of Nakina Systems, Inc.

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