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May, 30 - MERA took part in the annual conference of The Association for the Transfer of Technology, Innovation and Industrial Information that was held in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia on May, 26-28. The main goal of the event was to support Russian innovation oriented enterprises, academic institutions and startups in technology transfer and innovation assignments.

At the event which took place at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair MERA presented comprehensive information on Innovative LTE & IMS Playground. The project was spin-off by the company in order to research and develop cutting edge broadband technologies, including attachment through various access technologies, EPC nodes, EPC nodes modifications for M2M, apps development platforms, subscribers BDs, SOM scenarios, etc.

Key strategic project of the playground is joint development of OpenEPC platform together with Fraunhofer FOKUS, a Berlin-based research institute. OpenEPC is a prototype implementation of the 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) - Release 9 - that enables academic and industrial researchers and engineers around the world to obtain a practical look and feel of the capabilities of the Evolved Packet Core. OpenEPC can be integrated with various network access technologies and different application domains and thus provides an excellent foundation for own research activities and/or the establishment of truly mobile broadband testbeds like the Fraunhofer FOKUS FUSECO Playground for FUture SEamless COmmunication. The playground can also be used to develop 3GPP compliant IMS services.

“IMS and LTE are strategic to our business, which is why we have set up an innovative playground to boost our expertise in this domain, - says Grigory Burov, vice president of operations. - We hope that our efforts will help telecom operators all over the world to provide more flexible and functional solutions to their clients at the same time reducing costs”.

The project by MERA was highly estimated by TII members. On November, 17-18, 2011 a new release of OpenEPC with upgraded functionality will be presented in Berlin during the 2nd FOKUS FUSECO Forum.


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