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December 12, 2007 – MERA, an Eastern Europe’s leader in Telecom software R&D services, was selected by SynapSense Corporation, a provider of wireless instrumentation solutions, as a vendor of choice for the SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center Solution.

In Fall 2007 SynapSense Corporation completed a software service provider selection process, which was aimed at finding an outsourcing partner for the SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center Solution software development activities. This solution addresses the fundamental gaps in wall-to-wall instrumentation for environmental and energy management helping to improve equipment utilization and reduce downtime; it also provides comprehensive operational visibility. The SynapSense solution supplies data center operators with numerous vital signs, which can enable energy and carbon footprint savings. These efficiencies are possible due to new data intelligence, triangulation and software tools for monitoring and reacting to actual data center conditions on a continuous basis.

“We have completed our outsourcing selection process and I’m pleased that Mera was selected as our vendor of choice. We are very excited about traveling the road ahead together with Mera.”- says Pat Weston VP of Engineering at SynapSense.

In comparison with other companies considered during the selection process Mera demonstrated better expertise in programming technologies and a strong track record of experience in OA&M. Other MERA' competitive differentiators include:
- Mature software development processes and project management methodologies;
- Highly skilled and well-educated software engineering workforce;
- Outstanding expertise in programming large-scale, mission-critical, and complex systems.

“We are very proud to be selected by SynapSense Corporation as a vendor of choice. This is a leap ahead for MERA which testifies to the company’s ability to provide quality software R&D services.” – says Alexey Myakov, Director of Business Development at Mera.

About SynapSense

SynapSense is a leading wireless instrumentation solutions provider based in Folsom, Calif. SynapSense offers the world’s first wireless instrumentation platform featuring SynapSense OneClick Architecture™, providing customers with a complete software solution and extensive monitoring, tracking and alert capabilities. For more information about SynapSense,

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