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Back MERA Reported on the Company`s Results in the new Web R&D at WebRTC Expo 2012

On November, 27-29 the international WebRTC Expo 2012 took place in San Francisco. WebRTC Conference and Expo help companies, web application providers, investors and developers to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens and how it will challenge and change much of today's communications landscape.

WebRTC is a public standard which enhances the smarts of web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities (i.e. voice calling, video chat, peer-to-peer file sharing and collaboration) via simple Javascript APIs without the need to use special plug-ins. While the WebRTC standard specifications are in the works, some interfaces are already available in the fresh versions of Google Chrome for PC and Ericsson’s “Bowser” for Android and iOS. Mozilla and a number of other developers are also on the way with their releases.

New to the market, WebRTC has already drawn significant attention in the communications world. MERA as well as other players consider it a truly promising technology. That is why back in 2012 the company prototyped a WebRTC-based SIP-client for video calls. In addition to the web app MERA team also created plug-ins which allowed deployment of this innovative technology even in the current versions of popular browsers with no natural support for WebRTC, e.g. in Internet Explorer 8/9. WebRTC will play a valuable role in the enterprise solutions MERA is developing in collaboration with a number of Unified Communications solution vendors. In the future the company is planning on active participation in commercial WebRTC projects based on the acquired experience.

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