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Santa Clara, CA – May, 20, 2015 – MERA, a global leader in value-added software R&D services, announces the release of GoPro Switcher -  an app that allows for control of GoPro Hero 3 camera using a Samsung Gear S watch.

Turn your GoPro on and off by touching the watch, start and stop recording – as simple as that! 

1) Download and install GoPro Switcher to your Android smartphone

2) Ensure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your smartphone are on.

3) Turn on Wi-Fi on GoPro camera and ensure that the mobile device is connected to this Wi-Fi.

4) Run the app on the smartphone and provide SSID/password for GoPro Wi-Fi.

5) Run GoPro Switcher on your Samsung Gear S watch 

6) Turn GoPro on and off, start and stop recording on your Gear S

Other features are planned for further releases.

MERA has extensive hands-on experience in the development of client-server solutions across all major mobile platforms. The company has created a variety of products based on Samsung platforms for wearables, Smart TV, and mobile solutions. GoPro Switcher is the first project the company has released for the Tizen platform.

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