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June 24th, 2009 - Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has officially assigned CMMI® Maturity Level 3 rating to MERA’s R&D unit. This rating confirms the results of earlier formal assessment in May 2009 when MERA's processes were thoroughly examined for compliance to CMMI’s requirements (CMMI® for Development v1.2 Maturity Level 3) in selected projects by a CMMI appraisal team.

Today, CMMI® is definitely one of the most widely recognized models of organizational quality systems for companies involved in software development. The model contains recommendations for all key areas of R&D, Quality Assurance and Management processes. MERA has been using CMMI practices since 2006 and in April 2008 MERA launched an initiative to update processes and achieve full compliance with CMMI® Maturity Level 3 requirements in synergy with earlier implemented TL 9000–compliant organization processes framework. This project has been accomplished successfully in collaboration with the consulting company Inspirex Consulting.

“As a leader of the Eastern Europe’s Telecom R&D services market, MERA pays significant attention to continuous improvement of its R&D processes with a purpose of raising its operational efficiency and ensuring outstanding level of service for our customers. In addition to compliance to ISO 9000 and TL 9000 standards achieved earlier, this accomplishment confirms our unique position on the market. MERA has demonstrated full compliance to 3 most valuable quality models and standards recognized by the Telecom Software R&D world – a combination that none of our regional competitors can demonstrate to date”, commented Igor Piruyan, VP of MERA.

“MERA R&D project processes, within the scope of formal assessment, demonstrated strict compliance to CMMI® Maturity Level 3 requirements and proved to be not only performance management methods, but also part of MERA company culture, thus assuring predictable results of project implementation. Meanwhile MERA’s choice in favor of the Russian consulting services provider and Lead Appraiser confirms its focus on best services in terms of price/quality ratio”, said Alexander Kondakov, Managing Partner and SEI Authorized Lead Appraiser at Inspirex Consulting.

About Inspirex Consulting

Inspirex Consulting, the only one Russian independent official partner of Software Engineering Institute (SEI), was founded in 2008 by the leading experts in the field of CMMI® model implementation. Inspirex Consulting specializes in SEI authorized services. For more information, please, visit:

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