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April 18, 2005 - Mikhail Gorbachev Puts a Spotlight on MERA and Seven More Leading Russian and Ukrainian Companies at the Meeting of the Massachusetts Software Council

Boston, MA US - April 12, 2005 - MERA co-sponsored the Spring Membership Meeting of Massachusetts Software Council held at Marriott Hotel at Copley Place.

The event highlighted the leading Russian and Ukrainian outsourced software development businesses and gathered above 900 senior executives of Massachusetts software, hardware, and other technology companies. It also attracted extensive representation from the press - both national and local.

Mikhail S. Gorbachev, ex-Soviet President and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, addressed the meeting as its keynote speaker. Being the head of the Gorbachev Foundation - a non-profit, non-partisan educational foundation focused on the post-Cold War global priorities and challenges - Gorbachev spoke to the attendees on The Role of IT in the Global Economy and presented the Russian and Ukrainian companies sponsoring the event.

The recent rise of interest toward Russian IT market and the rapid industry growth have put Russia in a strong position to become a global IT industry leader. This potential is based upon Russia's leadership in implementing the highest levels of certification in the field of software development, the global superiority of its IT training programs and the huge pool of talent and brightest brains. As a sponsor of the meeting,

MERA used this opportunity to reach out to the IT community of New England and bring the best of the Russian innovative technology expertise and offshore programming services to the US telecom and IT software development market.

"For us it was a privilege to sponsor this exceptional event and provide the IT community of Massachusetts with the opportunity to see and hear from Gorbachev," says Dmitry Ponomarev, President of MERA Group. "The positive coverage that he gave to our business when speaking to the MSC Membership and the press will sure give an added impetus to our effort to expand in the United States. The meeting was really a resounding success, and now we are expecting to get some interesting follow ups."

About the Massachusetts Software Council

Launched in November 1985, the Mass. Software Council is today the leading technology trade association in Massachusetts, dedicated to assisting executives to start, grow, and manage technology companies and helping technology companies be successful in global markets.

The MSC Spring Membership Meeting of April 12th featuring the former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev is the result of close collaboration between the Massachusetts Software Council, the Russian software industry association, RUSSOFT, and the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England, USRCCNE. The three industry groups have collaborated on a number of programs starting from 2001. M. Gorbachev's major speech at the MSC Membership Meeting was aimed at presenting the industry leading Russian and Ukrainian companies to the American IT community.

To learn more about MSC and the event, please, refer to:

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