MERA to Present its Product Web ID Concept at the ID WORLD International Congress 2004

23 August 2004 - MERA today announced its participation in the upcoming ID WORLD International Congress 2004, which will take place on November 17-19 in Barcelona, Spain. The Congress brings together internationally renowned experts and key players in the auto ID industry, to address the most relevant issues in the fields of security, management, retail, logistics and supply chains, informing a highly qualified audience on the evolution of the core technologies that lay the basis for future auto ID systems.

As an expert in auto ID technologies, MERA is currently developing a system of electronic product turnover, which involves tagging every real-life object with a unique Web ID. This unique code will make every item of merchandise easily traceable on the Internet.

At the Congress, MERA will present its Web ID concept and share about its latest achievements in this field. MERA's President Dmitry Ponomarev and Web ID Project Manager Vladimir Krylov will speak about "WEB MAPPING OF REAL-WORLD THINGS AND ITS APPLICATIONS".

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