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Continuing its many-year contribution to the global development and adoption of the WebRTC technology, MERA recently took part in two global professional events. Vladimir Beloborodov, Senior Solutions Manager in the North American office and a long-term WebRTC enthusiast and evangelist, was an invited speaker at the IIT RTC conference in Chicago, back in October.

Vladimir shared with the audience his vision and some of the recent research results about a practical approach to debugging modern real-time communication applications. His talk was focused on a logging protocol and tools that make tracing and debugging easier in the scenarios where the application-level signaling goes over all-encrypted channels.

Another topic, covered during one of the panel sessions at IIT RTC 2016, was about the usage scenarios for WebRTC beyond plain Telecom applications. As a part of that discussion, Vladimir showed two demos based on his prior pilots and hackathon-winner projects blending WebRTC with robotics and thermal imaging technologies.

In the middle of November, many E-Learning professionals and software developers visited the DevLearn conference and expo in Las Vegas. This year's agenda offered them an introductory talk about WebRTC and its potential in the area of Performance Support. Vladimir explained the key concepts behind the technology as well as the basics of the WebRTC JavaScript API in browsers to the session attendees.

That presentation came as part of the efforts to increase awareness of WebRTC and its capabilities among developers and to facilitate further innovations in integrating modern RTC features into solutions for specific vertical markets.

Confirming its status as a global software R&D service provider, MERA keeps sharing the practical knowledge about WebRTC with professional communities and leverages the potential of the technology to the benefit of its customers.

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