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Back MERA is successful in partnering with SOFTEL on their first joint project

The scope of work for the project involved implementation of integration middleware running in the cloud. One of the key requirements put forward by the customer was to enable scalability under a heavy load and ensure system’s robustness.

In August of 2016, SOFTEL received a final version of the product which was successfully delivered and deployed within the time limit and project budget specified earlier by the customer.

To ensure on-time delivery, MERA chose to follow a continuous integration approach. Such a strategy, featuring weekly deliverables of the product, made it easier for MERA engineers to proactively identify bugs and get early customer’s feedback.

MERA is looking forward to further cooperation with SOFTEL to implement the best ideas together.

About SOFTEL Communications, Inc.

SOFTEL is the superior choice for enterprises both large and small that seek to implement new technology solutions while protecting and or evolving their current investment in customer interaction applications. SOFTEL, working individually or with partners and adhering to rigorous engineering best practices, provides deep and extensive integration and application development expertise in a variety of unified communications and contact center platforms including extensive development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Each engagement is treated as if it is the most important SOFTEL project and the foundation for a long term relationship. While working closely with its partners and customers, SOFTEL’s ultimate engagement result is that enterprises from all industries are able to reduce operating costs, improve employee productivity, increase competitiveness and/or raise customer and employee satisfaction levels.

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