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February, 27 - MERA, a leading provider of outsourced software development services for the ICT industry, has started developing a continuous integration environment to significantly decrease amount of time spent on design and testing process setup. The environment is intended for deployment on a virtualized platform or in a cloud and is going to be used in existing and new projects.

MERA actively uses continuous integration (CI) approach developing solutions for customers as well as own pilots and innovative R&D projects. CI systems provide automation of software builds and validation process driven in a continuous way by running a configured sequence of operations every time a software change is checked into the source code management repository. This allows to spend less time on discovering and fixing bugs. Based on the company`s design and testing experience, best practices and existent QA processes the new environment will cover all the design and testing stages.

MERA continuous integration environment brings multiple benefits:

  • Based on open-source tools which are free for the customer,
  • Applicable for projects with different methodologies, lifecycles and other technological aspects,
  • Flexible service with pick-and-choose possibility,
  • Quick issues detection and debugging,
  • Helps avoid long and tense integrations,
  • High visibility which enables greater communication,
  • Reduced number of integration problems and more rapid software delivery.

A number of instruments and practices constituting MERA CI environment allow to continuously introduce changes into various builds, i.e. Test Link, Chef/BCFG2, Redmine, Jenkins, GIT, Maven. The whole CI process, including the build procedure and nightly integration tests, is automated. Thus, bugs are fixed early without waiting for the final product integration stage.

MERA widely uses CI approach in order to efficiently establish seamless software development and test process, as well as flexible design and test environment, installed according to the new project’s or product’s needs. This approach may be used in both iterative and incremental development models and with Agile methodologies.

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