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Back MERA has Revamped Android with Improved Real-Time Kernel Characteristics.

January, 18 – Today Android dominates the global smartphone industry with nearly a 75 % market share.

The only soft spot of Android are real-time characteristics, which is typical of an operating system with a standard Linux kernel. A real-time OS must consistently process external data while at the same time efficiently performing background tasks.

MERA engineers  experimented with three different open-source approaches to boosting Android real-time capabilities and developed a system with the required characteristics as well as a suite of drivers and test applications to process external test triggers and measure timing.  The system turned out to match and in some cases exceed the performance of other popular real-time operating systems.

Android attracts users with its UI and hundreds of thousands of applications while offering developers open code and a rich SDK which allows for easy development of new product solutions.  With the addition of real-time features Android becomes a viable and competitive alternative to proprietary real-time operating systems used in a variety of devices (i.e. security panels, medical devices, consumer electronics, etc).

The experience MERA has gained through this project has resulted in the company’s embedded domain expertise growth and can be used to design security systems, medical equipment and other products with enhanced real-time characteristics. In the near future MERA is going to develop a demo system emulating an ECG monitoring device.

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