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September, 18 A team of MERA developers has created a geosocial service in a Windows Azure cloud using MERA Application Framework and .NET platform. The cloud-based Geo Hubs was developed by MERA engineers to allow event professionals and ordinary users to create events tight to a particular location. Users can communicate with each other, create, share, edit and moderate media files, invite attendees and chat using video calls and chatboxes. It is possible to sing up in Geo Hubs with facebook, or google+ account credentials. Adaptive UI allows to use the service on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

3 types of events are available on Geo Hubs – public (seen and available to anyone), private (participation needs to be confirmed) and secret (available by invitation). Events can be turned active or a non-active and exported or imported to and from the social networks. Users can enjoy other social functions of the service - comment and like events and media, add friends (including other social networks), send event invitations to other users and via e-mail, etc.

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