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Belgrade, Serbia — May 25 – Nikola Ajdukovic, a technical expert from MERA Belgrade, participated as a speaker at the 2019 Tarabica conference organized by a local Microsoft community. During one conference day, about 1000 participants were able to attend around 50 technical sessions and hands-on labs on .NET, devices and services development, SQL Server, Windows, Servers, Sharepoint and Application Lifecycle Management, MS Dynamics and other topics.

Nikola Ajdukovic has six years of experience in .NET technologies and C #. He graduated from the University of Belgrade with a Master‘s degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics. For the last two years, he has been working as a software developer at a Serbian branch of the MERA company providing software services for companies around the globe. It was there when Nikola first got familiar with domain-driven design. Inspired by the work of Martin Fowler, he started to apply this approach while communicating ideas among the team. In his talk at the Tarabica conference, Nikola explained the need for this kind of thinking in programming.

According to Nikola, the need for domain-driven design (DDD) has arisen due to an increasing gap between the application model and the process model that the application automates. The basic idea is that a DDD application is modeled by the expert‘s opinion of the process which the said application automates with the mentioned expert not being a programmer by profession. This approach can be of great use when engineers are not familiar with the domain they develop the product for.  

Nikola started his presentation by introducing an application used to control the quantities of products in the warehouse using the Model-View-Controller pattern. His talk covered a range of topics: entities and value objects, services and repositories, aggregates, difference between DDD and patterns for code organization via the Command pattern. Having gathered 150 attendees, the lecture turned out to be the most attended one out of the seven talks held simultaneously.

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Tarabica is a one-day free technical conference organized by Microsoft community in Serbia. The content of the conference is focused on providing participants, besides socializing, with lectures and discussions of top quality. Learn more:

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