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Three MERA engineers participated as speakers in the annual Software Engineering Conference in Russia (SECR). The event took place on October 12-13 in Moscow. 

October 22, Moscow — SECR is a key software development conference in Russia with a long history and recognized authority. What makes SECR unique is a wide range of topics covering all aspect of the software development process from software systems and requirements to project management. In 2018, the conference program consisted of over 100 reports, discussions, and workshops and attracted over 700 participants from all over the world.

The list of SECR speakers is formed on a competitive basis. All applications are reviewed by the Program Committee, consisting of recognized experts from Russia, Europe, and the United States. Only 35% of the applications pass the final selection. This year, three MERA experts were invited to delivered presentations at SECR:

1. Cheap and scalable Call-Center based on FreeSWITCH. Truth or fiction?
Alexander Leushkin, Software architect at MERA

In his talk, Alexander examined the architecture transition from a concept to a production-ready solution. He outlined the bottlenecks MERA engineers had faced when developing a call-center solution for one of the company’s clients and demonstrated the tools the team had used to address them. Alexander put a particular emphasis on using such Open Source products in the development as FreeSWITCH and Kamailio; he adviced on how to ensure the scalability and resilience of the FreeSWITCHES, register agents and facilitate the components interaction.

2. Azure IoT as a generic platform for enterprise IoT solutions. Is everything the way it looks at first glance?
Andrey Konovalov, Technical manager at MERA

The presentation addressed the issue of selecting a cloud IoT platform for the connection of specialized smart devices. In particular, Andrey shared a first-hand experience in regards to peculiarities and capabilities of Azure IoT services that he obtained when developing a solution for one of the clients at MERA. There is no such thing as a perfect project, so the listeners also learned about the difficulties the MERA team had to overcome at the development and integration stages. 

3. We have a blind member in our team. How do we adjust to the associated challenges?
Alexey Drozhzhov, Technical coordinator at MERA

Alexey overviewed the operational concept of text-to-speech programs and provided guidelines on how to prepare information for Screen Reader. The presentation was well-timed in light of the World Sight Day that took place a few days earlier. The topic sparked interest among documentation-related companies: they wanted to know more about the application of Russian GOST requirements of accessibility of the Internet resources for invalids on sight. They also started a debate over a question whether the integration of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compatibility checks in the documentation testing process would give them a competitive advantage.  

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Organized since 2005, SECR is the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe that is regularly attended by over 700 participants from local industry. The conference total reach is over 1 million software and IT people from CEE region (online + media coverage). The list of keynote speakers from previous conferences includes software thought leaders, VPs and Technical Fellows of major high-tech corporations.

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