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December 8-9 Moscow, Russia — Two MERA employees Alexander Korshak and Fedor Tsymbal were invited to speak at the Mobius conference in Moscow. The biannual event centers around mobile apps development and gathers 400+ Middle and Senior engineers, Team leaders, Project managers and Architects every half a year. Although the conference is held in Russia, it attracts participants and speakers from all over the world. 

Alexander Korshak has been developing Android apps since 2009 to become a leading expert in the domain. His talk “Mobile VR: From Concept to Release” covers the most common issues and trade-offs VR apps developers face. Besides giving practical advice on how to solve the mentioned issues, Alexander offered answers to the most popular questions from mobile developers and enthusiasts entering the mobile VR development world:

  • Is mobile VR alive and widely used these days?
  • How to integrate mobile VR into an existing mobile solution and what one needs for it?
  • What libraries and frameworks one will need to work with the technology?
  • How to implement A/B testing, get accepted into different app markets and not fail?

Fedor Tsymbal has been working as an architect at MERA for 10 years. He devoted the last 4 years to developing software for Android devices. His presentation “Project Treble: a Lifelong Technical Debt” addresses the eighth release of the Android OS. Fedor speculates that Project Treble was designed as an extensive and expensive solution to an architectural issue that existed in the ecosystem since the first day of its launch. More on the topic.

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Mobius is a conference for mobile apps developers, which takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg gathering more than 400 participants each time: these are Middle and Senior developers, Teamleads, PMs and architects. Learn more:

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