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August, 14, 2014 – MERA, an R&D partner to the world ICT industry leaders, has announced launch of an innovative platform for .NET based software development  MERA Application Framework.

MERA Application Framework allows to develop apllications of various complexity preserving neat code structure and significantly saving time on further support with new functionality being added. MERA Application Framework is a fully-featured solution template structured across a number of layers (presentation, service, application, domain, persistence, cross-cutting) and allowing to start development with identifying the domain model of an application using Domain Driven Design (DDD) approach. The platform involves Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) support which is helpful when dealing with applications greatly differing in models and data flows between read and write directions. Interfaces for integration of external services, applications and user interfaces are also involved.

Upgraded versions of MERA Application Framework have been coming out regularly since 2012. In 2014 development of the platform was connected with accumulation of experience in Windows Azure based cloud services development.

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