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Back MERA and Oxirate Demonstrated a Solution for Vital Signs Monitoring at Medicine X in Stanford

September, 25, 2014, Santa Clara, CA - MERA, а leading provider of outsourced software development services for the ICT industry, and Oxirate, an innovative telemedicine solutions manufacturer, exhibited a co-developed product for vital signs monitoring at Medicine X conference in Stanford on September, 5-7.  

The OxiRate platform provides unique capabilities in continuous monitoring of primary vital signs, such as skin temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, and blood oxygen saturation with an ultra-small, conveniently placed wireless sensor. A built-in accelerometer allows for comprehensive analysis, including calculation of steps and burned calories, detection of specific movements (i.e. falls, etc.), remote alerting when assistance is required. Data from the sensor is streamed to OxiRate mobile app over Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and then to the cloud web service over Wi-Fi or 3G. The end-user can access real-time measurements of vital parameters on their iPhone, iPad or Android device using friendly graphical interface of the platform. iOS and Android-based devices with the OxiRate monitoring platform installed become powerful mobile tools that help people achieve their health and fitness goals, as well as protect those at risk.

The OxiRate monitoring platform is based on the principle of reflectance pulse oximetry with fundamental innovations in sensor design, low power consumption, wireless communications, signal-processing algorithms and data processing. OxiRate has filed several patents protecting the developed technology. The prototypes are currently being validated in clinical studies to established industry benchmarks.

Since the demonstration in Baltimore at ATA Annual Trade Show Oxirate team together with MERA engineers has extended the solution to embrace new functions:

- support of multiple active sessions for 1 user;

- the doctor`s role – supervising active sessions of multiple patients;

- additional technical parameters 

- extended toolbar for developers;

- indication of user location on a map;

- detailed session analysis upon the completion;

- e-mail notifications about critical parameter values.

About OxiRate

OxiRate is an innovative company creating non-invasive and remote health-monitoring systems. Merging the latest achievements in wireless communications and medical science with own proprietary technologies OxiRate develops the next generation of mobile fitness and healthcare products. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley and employing international engineering workforce, OxiRate is well positioned for fast development and a successful launch of innovative products to the rapidly growing mobile fitness and healthcare market. For more information about OxiRate visit

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