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Automotive industry

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Today’s consumer and business vehicles rely on software to an unprecedented degree, and the connected car phenomenon continues to grow rapidly.


POS Services 

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Our highly professional engineering workforce, deep expertise, and development best practices enable us to build award-winning POS solutions and services


Customer Support Services

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MERA provides 24/7 Omni-channel multilingual customer support.

Android Board Support Package

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MERA provides a Board Support Package (BSP) that integrates the Android Platform with the DSPG DVF1100 SoC.

Sitasys case study

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Web-based process automation improves security system implementation

Industrial IoT

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IIoT platforms are considered to be ‘the brain’ of any Industrial IoT solution keeping everything in memory, making decisions, communicating with everything around, connecting and managing all the other parts of a complex IIoT anatomy.

Unified Communications

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MERA covers all components of UC software: Desktops & Clients, Applications (Mobility, Conferencing, Messaging, Contact Centers, Self Service), UC Platforms (Platform / Signaling services, Call/Features services, Media Services, Presence Services), OAM&P, Communication and Data Infrastructure.

The keys to successful Software Offshoring

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If your business requires expanding and either your have a restricted budget or have been instructed to ‘make do with less’ then partnering with an offshore center can be of substantial benefit.

MERA UX&I Studio

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We create mobile and web design solutions for clients worldwide.

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