Semiconductors are all around us. They control the computers we use to conduct business, the phones and mobile devices we use to communicate, the cars and planes that get us from place to place, the machines that diagnose and treat illnesses, and the electronic gadgets we use to listen to music, watch movies, and play games.

The days when semiconductor vendors could compete by including driver software alone are over. Today, customers increasingly expect a full platform, including operating systems and applications that accelerate time-to-value. Semiconductor companies must quickly attain software development capabilities that are often outside their core competencies.

MERA provides deep competence in embedded software design and development for new products in the semiconductor industry. Our engineers are experienced in designing real-time software solutions, device drivers, wired/wireless communication protocol stacks, and applications, as well as adapting existing software to new embedded platforms. Our teams also have strong skills in low-level programming, reverse engineering, and troubleshooting.

These capabilities enable us to deliver innovative, high-quality embedded software that meets strict requirements for security, energy consumption, and performance. With MERA, semiconductor vendors can get to market faster with cutting-edge solutions in innovative domains such as Internet of Things, industrial automation, smart homes, smart cities, connected cars, and more.

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