Thanks to the digital revolution, consumers are more empowered than ever—and expect personalized, efficient service at every touchpoint. With the right software solutions, retailers have unprecedented opportunities to deliver an omnichannel experience that incorporates eCommerce, mobile payments, loyalty apps, location-based ads, and even augmented reality.

MERA is ready to support retailers and retail solution vendors with end-to-end software development and support expertise and competence in the key technologies and platforms relevant to retail today. We have successfully implemented:

  • eCommerce stores
  • Custom app stores
  • Beacon-based advertising
  • Videoconference retail consultant experiences
  • Tablet-based point of sale (PoS) solutions

MERA delivers on comprehensive mobile strategies, enabling consumers to order products online from a smartphone, tablet or PC and get the product in a store—with targeted advertising driving additional purchases at PoS.

With videoconference retail consultants, consumers can get detailed information about a product from an expert. All they have to do is bring the product to a tablet-based kiosk where they can get in touch with an expert in a video call center. During the conversation, the consumer can see more details about the product or scan a QR code and get information delivered to their smartphone. This can improve customer loyalty and help bring consumers back to brick-and-mortar stores, enabling retailers to provide differentiated service and increase sales.

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