Remote Patient Monitoring


Monitoring of patients outside of medical facilities.


Real time monioring of human vital functions:

  • Oxygen saturation
  • Temperature
  • Heart & Respiratory rate
  • Perfusion index

Cloud data storage and processing:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical measurements
  • Extensive analytics and reporting

Medical Applications:

  • Sleeping quality & Sleep apnea detection
  • Post-surgery monitoring

Data Center Environmental Control


Optimize energy consumption by A/C equipment in data center


Monitoring and dynamic adjustment of environmental conditions based on real-time sensor data

System architecture:

  • Millions of wireless sensors
  • Environmental equipment (A/C)
  • Gateway bridging all the equipment into a single network
  • Server performing real-time environmental adjustment

Major features:

  • Room temperature dynamic map
  • Automated A/C activation/disactivation through pre-defined patterns
  • Historical database, analytics and customizable reports
  • Network health monitoring, device settings and firmware update

Smart Metering Infrastructure


Consumers: Lack of understandinenergy consumption basics.

Utilities: Obtain meter readings and charge consumers, optimize energy usage peaks


End-to end Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution providing:

  • Remote meter readings
  • Communication over Ethernet, 2G, 3G or 4G, or backup channel over meshed networks
  • Secured communication between all parties
  • Remote communication gateway registration and management
  • Network and devices provisioning, remote monitoring

Intelligent Energy Management


Commercial building owners: Inability to control the way the energy is consumed that results in a huge energy waste.


  • Innovative energy monitoring and management system that enables control of energy consumption and helps organizations to maximize and maintain their energy savings
  • Assistance in detecting and analyzing energy waste
  • Guidance in definition of corrective actions aimed at reducing energy losses
  • Remote access to energy data across multiple locations
  • Creation and tracking of projects on efficient energy consumption, ROI calculation

Home Automation


Monitoring and adjusting your home environment from any place in the world.


  • Home gateway bridging sensors and various control devices to the Cloud
  • Cloud system providing access to your home devices from any place on the globe
  • Easy addition of new devices and tuning settings available from your phone
  • Access to logs of your home automation network activity
  • Predefined customized modes (e.g. home, away, night, …)
  • Real time tracking of your home environment with push, SMS, e-mail and Phone notifications

Vehicle & Driver Live Monitoring


Saving lives and reducing accident costs due to inaccurate driving of heavy duty trucks.


Safety increased through real-time intelligence of driving behavior:

  • Electronic House of Service
  • Speed-by-Street violation solution
  • Seat Belt Use Alerts
  • Crash & Roll Over Detection
  • Harsh Breaking Alerts
  • Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Emergency call
  • “Black box” (data recorder)

Smart City


Control of street and building lighting and environmental measurement


Cloud System providing

  • Multi-user, multi-tenant access
  • Remote device provisioning
  • Lighting control (schedule-based, event-based, e.g. sunrise/sunset)
  • Environmental sensors integration (air pollution, temperature, dust, humidity, radiation, and much else)
  • Device grouping support
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Map view
  • Pluggable architecture: new services, features, widgets, plug-ins can be added during run-time
  • Historical database, analytics, metrics, customized reports