According to a recent Deloitte report, sales of medical technology are expected to increase from USD  $383.8 billion in 2013 to USD $513.5 billion in 2020. One driver of growth is the adoption of connected technologies. More and more consumers carry smart devices and use healthcare applications, and medical devices are increasingly connected to share data and support better health outcomes.

MERA has delivered multiple successful healthcare projects using communications and Internet of Things technologies. For example, we develop and support VoIP solutions for enterprise communications in hospitals with the use of both IP DECT and WiFi desk phones. The solutions include emergency messaging, which is crucial for healthcare organizations.

MERA also developed a cloud-based vital signs monitoring solution. Using a smartphone-based sensor, real-time data including oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and perfusion index is collected and uploaded to the cloud for analysis and reporting.

We have the experience and innovative mindset to help create the next generation of innovative technology that will transform the healthcare industry, including wearables and mHealth applications that positively influence patient behavior.

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