“Smart” is the word that defines innovation in the energy industry. Smart meters send and receive data on real-time consumption. Smart grids dynamically coordinate supply and demand. Smart homes actively manage and minimize energy use. Smart renewable energy systems are becoming an essential part of power supplies worldwide.

These intelligent solutions require new software systems—and MERA has the experience and competence to deliver them. We offer a broad range of software engineering solutions to clients building new smart products for the energy market. Our experience in Industrial Internet of Things, communication protocols, and embedded software provides a solid foundation for this work.

For example, we developed a data center environmental control system including a full-featured management application for meshed networks of wireless sensors and controls. It allows monitoring and dynamic adjustment of conditions based on predefined policies, and fine-tunes the environment based on real-time information.

MERA has significant experience in the development of different solutions for smart energy market:

  • Firmware for smart meters.
  • Communication protocol implementation for smart devices for different national standards
  • Meter data collection solutions (MDC)
  • Meter data management solutions (MDM)
  • Energy management solutions, which provide better visibility of energy consumption, allow to maximize and sustain energy savings.

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