Integration of the automotive industry and computer systems is growing every year. Telematics can be considered as the main area of integration. It brings a huge number of features to a usual vehicle:

  • Real time vehicle location and maintenance tracking
  • Traffic, directions and information
  • Crash avoidance camera
  • Voice-activated, hands-free calling
  • Automatic phone book transfer
  • Audible SMS messages
  • Vehicle health report
  • 911 Assist
  • Internet connectivity (including full Wi-Fi capability)
  • Instant voice recognition
  • Internet media player
  • Operator services
  • Passenger airbag/seatbelt indicator
  • Radar based cruise control sonar array
  • Vehicle security/proximity sensor
  • Automatic parking system sensor
  • Rearview camera display
  • Car clubs
  • Auto insurance

MERA offers complete, end-to-end development of complex telematics solutions with strong experience in this area. A lot of Telematics platforms are used today - from the widely utilized QNX to various proprietary platforms. We possess experience in the major Telematics platforms – Linux, QNX and Android. Our highly-qualified engineers can quickly become specialists in a proprietary platform thanks to wide experience.

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