MERA is conscious of the role of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions in the digital world today – the heart of a secured environment, enabling users of an unprotected network to exchange data securely and privately by means of a public and a private cryptographic key pair, which is managed by a trusted authority.

MERA is focused on improving PKI expertise in the most valuable security-rich domains, including LTE networks, wireless sensor networks, content services, B2C applications and mobile PKI.

MERA offers complete end-to-end development, test and support of full-featured PKI solutions.

  • Certification Authority (CA) that issues digital certificates. Certificate contains public key and user identification information.
  • Registration Authority (RA) that verifies a user before a certificate may be issued by a CA.
  • Validation Authority (VA) that verifies every access to the certificate and decides whether to trust it or not.
  • Directory service (LDAP directory, Web access etc.) for sharing certificates and their public keys.
  • Certificate Management System (CMS) that is in charge of administration, audit and central management of all key components of the PKI.

The company possesses necessary expertise in the stack of mandatory technologies to develop PKI components. The most important ones are listed bellow:

  • digital certificate format, X.509;
  • family of PKCS standards, including:
    • PKCS#10 and PKCS#7 - certification requests and responses,
    • PKCS#12 - format of private key secure storage and transfer,
    • PKCS#11 - interface for inter-communication with cryptographic hardware (HSM).
  • certificate management protocols, CMP (Certificate Management Protocol); SCVP (Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol); CRL (Certificate Revocation List); OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol); SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol);
  • secure transport protocols, SSL 2.0, 3.0; TLS 1.0;
  • encryption and hashing algorithms, RSA; SHA-1,256.

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