Point of Sale (POS)

MERA can help you keep pace with the changing market as an extension of your team, bringing a wide range of expertise and capabilities.

MERA provides end-to-end software development and maintenance services with efficiency. We deliver experience-based insights and creative solutions that maximize the business value of your project, and we collaborate with your team helping to fill gaps as new technology develops. Our highly professional engineering workforce, deep expertise, and development best practices enable us to build award-winning POS products and services, while our strategic locations in low-cost markets ensure a high return on investment.

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Our POS Expertise

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Your Benefits

Increase Efficiency

We will optimize the performance of your POS solution to demonstrate you the full extent of its capability.

Access Specialized Resources

Our team of 120 highly qualified software specialists will guarantee you development of best-in-class POS solutions and immediate response to any emergency.

Focus on Core Areas

You can entrust us with all additional tasks such as UI improvements, performance optimization, integrations, etc. to focus on your core business instead.

Scale Quickly

Use our resources to grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Free Up Resources

Let your software engineers be focused on new projects, as our team of professionals will free them up from wasting time on legacy products.

Services to Grow Your Business

Client Applications

Client Applications

iOS, Android clients and Web applications for your POS Business. UX/UI designers that already know your customers' needs

Client Applications

Hardware Integration

Knowledge of almost all required hardware standards: Printers, Card Swipes, PinPads, Cash Drawers and Tills, Barcode scanners and other peripheral devices.

Client Applications

Cloud and Infrastructure

Migrating your product to a cloud or reviewing and enhancing your current cloud infrastructure.

Client Applications

Integration with Services

Payment processors, shipping and delivery, gift cards, discounts, loyalty programs, accounting systems.

Client Applications


Language localization and POS adaptation to comply with different countries laws and regulations including currencies and tax support.

Client Applications

Performance Assessment

System Architecture analysis, performance tests and consulting on productivity improvements.

Client Applications

Customer Support Services

Enhancing your support by POS experienced 24/7 team trained and structured in accordance with best global support practices.

Client Applications


Adjusting your current solution to meet your customers’ business needs.

Client Applications

High Availability

Developing robust POS systems eliminating single points of failure in your infrastructure and product architecture.

Client Applications

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Enhancing POS solutions by best in class statistical analysis and reporting system carefully developed to meet the POS business requirements

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