Protocol stacks

Protocols are “blood in the veins” of communications networks. Proper implementation of protocol stacks requires strict conformance to the latest versions of protocols specs or RFCs. Moreover protocol stacks should satisfy quite stringent requirements for performance. Hence software development approaches for protocol stacks implementations should be robust, reliable and of high quality.

MERA offers best-in-class technical competence in protocols and provides software R&D services to the following protocol stacks:

  • SS7 (ISUP, TCAP, SCCP, MTP, etc.) for ANSI, ITU, China, TTC and ETSI standards,
  • SS7 over IP (M3UA, SCTP),
  • Diameter/Radius,
  • TCP/IP family,
  • Network management family (CMIP/CMIS, SNMP, CORBA, Web Services, etc),
  • VoIP (SIP, RTP/RTCP, H.323, etc),
  • Ethernet,
  • ATM.

Nowadays there is a trend in the telecom world to widely use open APIs, open source protocol implementations (SIP, SCTP, etc) as well as open OSs such as Linux. We keep our protocol competence up to date by participating in IETF discussions, by using open source implementations in certain projects as well as by horizontally sharing customer independent protocol competence in the company.

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