Blade systems

Blade systems allow telecom equipment manufacturers to build highly integrated solutions with outstanding node and network availability and scalability. MERA possesses great experience in blade systems and offers R&D services and solution development for blade systems’ common infrastructure and high-availability solutions (applications) on their base, for both customer’s proprietary or industry standard (e.g. ATCA) blade server solutions:

Backplane and external L2/L3 connectivity based on

  • IEEE Ethernet & IETF IP specifications,
  • commercial software for control plane,
  • commercially available network processors and switching hardware for data plane.

Platform (HW, power & cooling) management based on

  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI),
  • proprietary solutions.

Telecom node management based on

  • ITU-T and 3GPP specifications,
  • HTTPs, SSH.

HA-enabled, distributed, real-time carrier-grade applications based on

  • aTCA,
  • Linux,
  • Proprietary middleware,
  • IP and SS7 network interfaces.

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