Network Optimization & Simulation

Control over access in radio network and services can be divided into three levels:

  • statistical Non-Real Time (NRT) optimization loop on NMS level with automated troubleshooting process and statistical control of other lower-level control loops behavior:
  • slow real-time optimization (RNC, BSS) that includes dynamic control of system interworking and self-regulation of radio network parameters (like load thresholds).;
  • fast real-time optimization of network elements (BTS, NodeB, eNodeB) that includes self-healing, self-configuration functions targeted for fast power/congestion control, link adaptation and channel allocation.

Over the period of many years  MERA has been involved in NMS level optimization components design, implementation and testing, including:

  • automated GSM network re-configuration procedures such as configuration verification, frequency plan change, re-parenting, etc.;
  • automatic Neighboring Relation (ANR) function for UMTS networks based on Cell detection mechanism with multi-criteria ranking mechanism and black/white lists support;
  • handover parameters optimization (HO) function for UMTS network based on early/late handovers detections and ping-pongs distributions.

MERA possesses vast experience when it comes to  design, implementation, testing and support of

  • multi-technology Network element (BTS, BSC, RNC, NodeB, eNodeB, etc.) simulation product covering NMS interface control & data function for Tier 1 vendor;  
  • etwork simulation tools like:
    • traffic generators for different traffic models,
    • Network traces playback,
    • statistical analysis components.

Shortly after LTE networks had emerged, MERA started its own Self-Organizing Networks (SON) research (see SON) targeted to implementation of most valuable optimization scenarios based on a home-grown 2D/3D network simulator.

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