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Network management definitely falls into the category of MERA’s key competence domains. The company’s first involvement into software R&D for a network management solution happened in 1997 and represented a carrier-grade GSM radio access network (RAN) operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) solution of a major telecom equipment manufacturer. Since then, MERA has tremendously expanded its network management competence and worked on various network management solutions for 3G and 4G RAN as well as multi-vendor wireline and enterprise networks. As a matter of fact, MERA followed the evolution and mastered all existing network management approaches (OAM&P Services Providers Model, TMN Model (ITU-T M.3000), TOM and eTOM Models (ITU-T M.3050, TMForum) as well as underlying network management technologies/protocols.

Software R&D (design, development, testing, including test automation, and maintenance) for network management solutions:

  • 2G RAN OAM,
  • 3G RAN NMS,
  • Enterprise NMS,
  • Network Management Adaptors for various Network Nodes,
  • Multi-standard provisioning, verification and network optimization tools covering variety of standards from early 2G (GSM) to most recent specified 4G (LTE), aiming to provide comprehensive solutions for most widely deployed and most prospective world’s wireless standards.

Professional services for network management solutions:

  • Since 2007, MERA also performs adaptation/customization/integration of OSS/BSS solutions into customers’ complex infrastructure environment.

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