Following the telecom industry evolution MERA has expanded its core network competence beyond mobile 2G/3G and started providing software R&D services for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). IMS is an industry standard in core network architecture for converged services core network architecture.

The great value of IMS lies in integrated control over various wireless and wireline access technologies which hence allows true conversion of Mobile, Fixed and Internet worlds. Moreover IMS provides a unified means for rapid services development and deployment.

We believe that IMS will become a vital component for services-oriented communications networks in the nearest future. For this reason MERA has chosen IMS as one of the strategic technological domains. Leveraging its competence in IMS nodes/platforms as well as underlying IMS technologies (SIP and Diameter protocols) and specifications (ETSI and 3GPP) MERA is actively investing in unique technological expertise.

The company started contributing to open source IMS core software development (reference implementation). In 2010 MERA designed and deployed a local IMS laboratory with Call Session Control Function and HSS nodes for testing IMS-capable devices and popular use cases such as Instant Messaging, audio/video calls, IPTV, Wi-Fi call via IMS, legacy phone attachment/call, VoIP phone attachment/call.

MERA has also developed a number of IMS applications prototypes, e.g. Location-Based Advertisement Services app sending commercials based on the subscriber's location, Multimedia Shop, etc. MERA is going to further invest in IMS competence and use the IMS lab to develop innovative IMS-based technologies, such as MMTel and RCS/RCSe-based prototypes for Android devices, adapt traditional telecom networks functionality to IMS-based networks and prototype IMS applications.

Current IMS project portfolio of the company includes, but is not limited to:

  • software R&D for IMS nodes Platforms - design, development, testing (including test automation) and maintenance since 2005;
  • software R&D for underlying IMS protocols - SIP, Diameter, Network Management family, etc.

For more information on LTE & IMS activities visit Future Telecom Technologies Playground page

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