Core networks

In brief, MERA’s competence in the core networks domain spans across 2G/3G mobile voice and packet core network into converged services core network and includes a variety of underlying technologies, telecom platforms and protocol stacks.

MERA engineers carry out software R&D (design, development, testing, including test automation, and maintenance) for the following core network nodes:

  • HLR including ATCA-based version;
  • MSC;
  • co-located compact HLR+MSC solution including ATCA-based version;
  • SGSN;
  • Service Control / Resource Function (SCF/SRF) nodes.

Software R&D (design, development, testing, including test automation, and maintenance) for core network platforms:

  • telecom platform for MGW,
  • telecom platform for MSC.

Software R&D for telecom protocols:

  • SS7 family;
  • Network Management family;
  • Radius/Diameter, etc.

Professional services for core networks nodes and platforms:

  • MSC adaptation/ customization for the local market;
  • live migration of subscriber data from vendor’s HLR onto the new customer’s HLR;
  • measurement/profiling of provisioning/signaling capacity for different HLR end-customers – telcom operators;
  • CAMEL applications development, deployment and support.

MERA's competence in core networks:

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