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Mobile technologies are taking center stage in today's Information and Communications world. Services, businesses and activities are getting mobile, which gives people new opportunities and spares time and effort. The industry is moving beyond desktops to keep attuned to people’s needs.

Featuring 1,000,000+ hours of experience in mobile development MERA offers end-to-end development of all major and emerging mobile platforms from Android and iOS to Blackberry. MERA combines expertise, innovative research techniques and new approaches to offer the best solutions to the clients. Alongside with mobile client applications, MERA enjoys impressive expertise in all aspects of server-side development with any level of technological complexity. Whether you want a mobile application, a load-scalable system or a web service developed, know that you are in good hands.  

Mobile development and testing services offered by MERA include:

  • research and consulting;
  • requirement analysis, architecture and interface design;
  • development of efficient mobile applications and complex client-server solutions;
  • Quality Assurance (black-box, white-box, drive and field testing, automated testing);
  • porting existing mobile applications to new platforms.

In addition, MERA offers NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions development for various mobile platforms and terminals.

Web applications

Web applications have become an essential component of business in today’s world. Business can now achieve its goals much faster and become simpler by using them. Web applications increase distribution of the product knowledge and selling opportunities. It is no longer possible to grow publicity and market share without a proper web application created by a dedicated development team. MERA makes it easier to create a stable communication channel between potential customers and business organizations and to possess a significant competitive edge.

MERA covers all aspects of creating, deploying and maintaining your web applications. We have successfully delivered projects in the following domains:

Customer experience

  • OA&M / Device / Element management.
  • Operational Support System.
  • Network Quality Analyzers.

Unified communications

  • Media Application Servers.
  • Oracle Access Management UI for PBX.

ERP applications

  • Automation Processes/Workflow.
  • Web GUI test automation.

Web portals

  • Location server application.
  • GSM-R access & management.
  • Real-time networks diagnostic.

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