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We develop best-in-class B2B and B2C mobile applications of any scale and complexity leveraging full potential of the platform.



We create unified APIs running on top of native Software Development Kits to have the same codebase for both Android and iOS apps.



We utilize WebView when creating parts of an application’s GUI to develop powerful device-agnostic solutions.


Mobile Web

We can optimize your web site for mobile devices so that it would seamlessly run either in browser or as a separate application.

Completed projects
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Mobile Competences

Internet of Things
 Mobile applications developed at MERA serve different IoT domains: solutions for fleet management, home automation, smart metering, healthcare and wearable devices to name a few.
Financial Technologies
 360-Degree security is extremely important when it comes to FinTech. At MERA, we keep that in mind when developing mobile Points of Sale, cashless solutions and making assessments of payment processing systems.
Voice over IP (VoIP)
 Our high competence in building VoIP Unified Communications clients for iOS and Android, including audio/video calls, conferences, IM and presence features, allows our customers to deliver innovative, performant and cost-effective solutions.
Enterprise mobility
 UI/UX is getting crucial when developing interfaces for complex feature-reach applications. We design mobile solutions that help companies establish productive work environment and give employees flexibility and choice, which improves job satisfaction and increases productivity.

Mobile Development Case Studies

POS For Restaurants

Maximizing capabilities of existing POS solution for restaurants, retail, and enterprises

POS For Restaurants

VoIP Clients

Developing Android and iOS Apps for Cloud-based VoIP Service

VoIP Clients

Home Security

Developing Home Security and Monitoring Solution

Home Security

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