Exponential data traffic growth requires effective methods of packet forwarding - transit of logically addressed packets from their source towards the ultimate destination through intermediate nodes, typically hardware devices called routers, bridges, gateways, firewalls or switches. MERA provides software R&D services for 1, 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions.

MERA expertise covers a wide range of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols:

  • MAC Bridging,
  • 802.1p/Q,
  • Spanning Tree Protocols (STP, RSTP, MSTP),
  • Link Aggregation & LACP,
  • 802.1X,
  • Ethernet OAM,
  • L2TP,
  • Multicast,
  • PIM / IGMP / MLD / GMRP,
  • DCBX,
  • IPv4/IPv6,
  • IPSec,
  • RIPv1/v2/RIPng,
  • OSPFv2/v3,
  • BGP-4/BGP-4+,
  • IS-ISv4/v6,
  • BFD,
  • VRRPv2/v3,
  • MPLS.

MERA possesses in-depth knowledge of 3rd party switching/routing stacks:

  • IPInfusion ZebOS,
  • Aricent ISS.

Our software development activities include

  • protocol stack customization,
  • implementation of protocol extensions,
  • network management model design.

High speed switching and routing is performed with the use of hardware acceleration methods. MERA works with the following network processors:

  • Broadcom StrataXGS III - V,
  • LSI/Agere (APP320, APP334, APP340, APP650, APP3K),
  • Intel IXP 1100 & 2400,
  • PowerQUICC II - III,
  • Wintegra WinPath.

Quality assurance activities include

  • protocol Implementation Conformance Testing;
  • performance testing, including latency and network convergence measurements;
  • stability testing;
  • interoperability testing.

Outstanding expertise in modern switching/routing protocols, stack and network processors allows MERA to provide excellent R&D services in IP & Data.

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