IP networks

Over the years of cooperation with the world's leading IT solution and telecom equipment vendors MERA has accumulated strong experience in IP networks R&D. Through all these years we extended our IP networking competence to the following areas:

  • Switching/Routing Software:
    • Software implementation of L2/L3 protocols using modern Network Processors,
    • Policy Based Routing,
    • Load Balancing.
  • Network Management:
    • Standard (CLI, SNMP, NetConf) and proprietary protocols/methods,
    • Common Information Model.
  • Telecom Grade Platforms:
    • Complete solutions for highly available platforms,
    • Platform hardware & software management,
    • Resilient backbone & external connectivity.
  • Network Virtualization;
  • Network Device Drivers;

MERA's competence allows to work with the following areas:

  • Software Defined Networking;
  • Data Center Switching:
    • TRILL,
    • SPB.
  • Switched Fabric;
  • Clouds;
  • Kernel Bypass techniques.

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