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Unified Communications is a widely accepted term for multiproduct solutions which bring the customer a broad choice of communication options and new user experience. UC are vital for integration and optimization of communications across a business.

MERA Unified Communications team has been cooperating with Enterprise Communications leaders in the most complex software R&D projects since 1997. MERA has obtained comprehensive expertise in UC, as our engineers develop and provide support for almost every key element of Unified Communications solutions. In the area of unified communications MERA has been the Avaya​ Key Supplier since 2011.

Call Control and Multimodal Communications

  • Voice communications still stand out from other UC services. MERA entered the Enterprise Communications world during the time of purely digital, proprietary solutions and TDM dominating the market. As the world of Enterprise Communications had turned to VoIP solutions and Convergence, MERA quickly gained profound knowledge in proprietary protocols. Now that open standards and interoperability facilities attract vendors and customers worldwide MERA UC team pays close attention to the trend providing best-in-class and timely R&D services in the area.
  • IP PBXs (PBX, Hybrid PBX, Softswitch, Call Servers) are vital for UC and MERA domain knowledge in this area is vast.
  • Business Grade Telephony and Advanced Call Control features are still in demand in the Enterprise world. MERA UC team knows how to transform them to fit UC paradigm.
  • Video communications is a must-have in any UC solution and MERA is mature in both client and server sides of this component.
  • Call/Contact Centers is another major area in the UC solutions and MERA is responsible for products that transform traditional voice-based CC communications into multimodal ones (Voice, Video, e-mail, SMS and IM, plus social networking).


Our involvement in the component development includes, but is not limited to:

  • implementation/support of Presence Federation across integrated solutions of major UC vendors as well as Microsoft LCS/OCS/Lync,
  • support of SIP clients (both SIP and XMPP-based),
  • overall support of Presence solutions.

Instant Messaging

The team has participated in several projects on IM implementation in SIP clients having obtained hands-on experience in all the aspects of the client side of the component.

Unified Messaging

MERA team has over 12 years of rich experience in messaging solutions. We have successfully taken over development and support of mature and complex projects (TDM, VoIP, Multimodal). Our UC team supports several legacy messaging solutions and takes part in development of a Next Generation Unified Messaging system.

The team takes care and supports an advanced large-scale Self-Service product and works closely with speech recognition and synthesis engines.

Conferencing and collaboration

In the UC paradigm, collaboration is treated as a really efficient way of communication and MERA team is largely involved in the development in this area. We take part in the development of a Media Server which is a core underlying component of a UC solution dealing with all the protocols and the environment that are needed to seamlessly integrate the element into different parts of the solution. Our competence in Conferencing and Collaboration solutions is multiplied by our involvement in the design of a next generation video and web-conferencing product. MERA UC team also provides technical support to an Enterprise level VoIP conferencing solution.

Clients and Mobility

Both traditional (TDM/VoIP) desk/soft and newly introduced (Browser-based, VDI) UC clients are designed, maintained and supported by our engineers. Experience and involvement vary from Next Generation User Interface to knowledge of low-level chipset processing.

Other aspects of UC solutions where MERA gained strength and expertise are:

  • Interoperability,
  • Legal Intercept (including Russian Market),
  • Information Assurance / TLS / Security / Cryptography,
  • Network and Solution Management.

UC solutions and underlying technologies

UC solutions are not static and while some technologies are widely adopted, others are still making their way to success. MERA UC competences are considered expert-grade level in the following evolving domains:

  • SIP/Multimedia;
  • QoS/Bandwidth Management;
  • Open Source: Linux, Asterisks, OpenSSL, OpenSwan and more;
  • Platforms (Linux, VxWorks, Windows, iOS, Android) and Virtualization (ESXi, XEN Hypervisors);
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Security: TLS/SRTP/Hardening/SSO/etc.

Our UC team possesses profound knowledge of the whole process of UC solutions development. The following items are worth mentioning, but the list of programming technologies is constantly growing:

  • J2EE(JNI, Spring , Hibernate), Maven, HTML5, Web Services;
  • JBoss, Tomcat, IBM WAS;
  • Quality assurance (Static Analysis: FlexLint, Coverity, Profilers: Valgrind, GDB, MemScope,SysProof, etc);
  • Version control (SVN/Clearcase/Git);

MERA UC team enjoys collaboration with equipment and solution vendors helping to get their Ideas to products and market. We are looking forward to new technologies, challenges and approaches to build new ways of communication and collaboration. At the same time, we are keeping the accumulated expertise and knowledge intact in order to better support the products that Unified Communications customers are already using.

Communication-enabled E-Learning

Trends of the recent years show that usage of remote learning solutions based on desktops and mobile devices is growing and requires tight integration with communication means. MERA widely uses its strong experiences in telecommunications for E-Learning projects. We are capable of integration of E-Learning solutions with the customers' existing communications infrastructure or services, as well as enhancing existing products or courses with embedded communications capabilities. For example, we have successfully completed the BigBlueButton integration into corporate environment and its customization.

Our technology expertise and practical knowledge of specific E-Learning standards, such as SCORM and Experience API, allows us to take on complex projects in the E-Learning solutions development. One of the most recent accomplished projects is a Cloud-based system for a major E-Learning solution vendor, designed to collect and handle responses from students using mobile application clients or some standalone "clicker" devices. We are ready to deal with new complex and challenging projects.

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