Embedded software

MERA possesses strong experience in embedded software development and offers advantages to the provided services.

Extensive experience in embedded operating systems

  • Linux Based OSes (WindRiver, MontaVista, RTLinux, uClinux, Vanilla kernels);
  • Mobile OSes (Android, Boot2Gecko);
  • Wind River VxWorks, ENEA OSE Delta;
  • ThreadX and Net+OS;
  • Embedded Executable UML (Quantum Leaps QP framework);
  • Proprietary RealTime operating systems.

Wide knowledge in embedded systems design

  • Hardware knowledge:
    • X86, ARM (TI OMAP, DaVinci, ST-Ericsson A9500), PPC (Freescale);
    • Core HW components (DMA, PnP, ACPI, etc.);
    • Network hardware (Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, Bluetooth) and frameworks (Freescale, Broadcom, LSI);
    • Peripheral buses/interfaces (SPI, GPIO, USB, etc.);
    • Multimedia components (Graphic accelerators, DSP co-processors, Cameras, Sensors, Audio devices).
  • Image configuration, bootstrapping, and troubleshooting (JTAG, Soft JTAG, ICE);
  • Use of emulated systems (qEmu, KVM), emulated components (emulated interfaces and devices);
  • Multiprocessing and virtualization (WindRiver Hypervisor, Xen).

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